Parents and carers

"...keep a consistent approach, that bridge between home and school."

Good communication with those caring for the pupil outside of school can help them to understand what the pupil has been told, how this was communicated to them and how the pupil is managing their grief.

It also may help to know how the family/carers are managing and what the impact has been on the pupil.

It is important to be consistent with the information and how it is delivered, which might involve sharing resources, strategies and the familiar language used by the child. For example, referring to their grandfather as ‘Pops’, or using the phrase ‘wobbly legs’ if this is how they reference their disability.

Where face-to-face contact with the family may be limited, such as with residential pupils and/or pupils using school transport, it may be helpful to establish regular check-ins with the family/carers and/or to make use of a school-home diary.

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