"The structure and normality of school can provide that sense of stability"

Life can seem chaotic in the aftermath of a bereavement. For pupils who rely on structure and clear daily routines, this can be extremely challenging and unsettling which can result in changes to their behaviour.

School is an important source of stability and normality; therefore it is important for staff to feel confident in reassuring and communicating with bereaved pupils.

Pupils may have anxieties and feel less confident about transitions from home to school. Alongside social stories and visual timetables, a bereavement plan can be a useful tool to help a bereaved pupil returning to school and to help them manage their grief while at school. As change can be particularly difficult for bereaved pupils to manage, these tools can also be helpful to inform them of any adjustments to their usual routine, such as different adults caring for/supporting them, or to help them to understand unfamiliar experiences at home.